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Paraben Free - 22 Fragrances
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Baja BODY deli Cream    

Body Balms
•    Aromatherapy    
List of Essential Oils    
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•    Facial and Lip Care
Lip Balms
Lip Gloss
Facial Creams    
DMAE Facial and Eye Cream    
Peptide Cream    
Green Tea Cream    
Night Replenishing    
Sensitive Skin
Facial Washes    
Exfoliating Wash    
Herbal Facial Wash    
Acne Wash    
Dry Skin Wash    
Oily Skin Wash
Facial Astringents    
Acne Toner    
Oily Skin Toner    
Dry Skin Toner
Body/Room Sprays    
Roll on Fragrances

• Handmade SOAPS

Specialty Creams/Serums/Facial Care    
Daily Facial Lotion - Rosehips and Hibiscus    
DMAE Eye Cream    
Dark Circles Eye Cream    
Puffy Eyes Cream    
Refining Cream for Pore Reduction    
Green Tea Eye Cream    
Fade Cream    
Instant Firm Serum    
Rejuvenation Serum    
Deep Tissue Serum    
Green Tea Serum    
Anti-Wrinkle Serum    
Organic Makeup Remover and Eyelash Conditioner
•    Foot Care      
Foot Scrub    
Foot Lotion
•    Hair Care     
Rejuvenating Shampoo    
Reconstructive Conditioner    
Hot Oil Treatment
•    Bath and Shower    
Shower Gel     
Exfoliating Salt Scrubs    
Bath Salts    
Handmade Soaps
Body Powders
​ Deodarants
​ All Natural Body Powders - Alum Free

•    Teas
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19” Garden    
11” Sticks
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