Oleoresin Capsicum fast pain relief medications

​Oleoresin Capsicum is an important component in most of the topical skin preparations and fast pain relief medications. Medications with capsicum are typically available in ointment, pad, liquid, cream, stick, gel, and lotion forms. They normally come in numerous brand names that are available over the counter. Below are some of the things that you may be interested to know about capsicum and what you should consider when using a medication with this component.Oleoresin Capsicum is the name of the active ingredient that is found in chili peppers and cayenne peppers.  Oleoresin Capsicum is responsible for making the chili and cayenne peppers taste hot. This ingredient has also known to been added to medicated sprays, lotions and creams for the treatment of muscle and joint pain. It has also been used to make some pepper sprays which are designed to be used for for self-defense purposes. It’s important that you keep this product away from your eyes because of its burning sensation.

ALL Natural Muscle Analgesics

Icy Hot Analgesic Spray:

Sore Muscle Relief. 

$8 USD - 4oz;  $15 USD - 8 oz.

Cool menthol, camphor, and oregano oil cools off inflamed muscles, while the natural heating action of capsicum of Habanero chilis temporarily disconnects the topical nerve connections for pain relief.  Exceptional!

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Heating Natural Muscle Balm:

Sore Muscles and Joints? 

Prefer a cream to a spray?

Wildcrafted beeswax base infused with Eucalyptus, Capsicums from Habanero and Jalapeno chilis for temporary relief  muscle and joint pain.   $100 pesos for 2 ounces