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Morita Chili

Capsicum annuum

2,500 - 8,000 Scovilles (or up to 10,000). 

​Morita chilies are smoked, red-ripe jalapeno peppers, much like the chipotle pepper. The main difference is that Moritas are smoked for less time, which leaves them softer and retains their slightly fruity flavor. They are very richly flavored.Morita, means "little blackberry" in Spanish. The chili is dark reddish purple. This is the variety most often found in the United States.  While it is quite flavorful it is not smoked as long as the ahumado and therefore not of the same high quality and cheaper to produce.  Many of the varieties sold as "tipico" in the U.S. are actually the inferior "morita". It's important to note that although the Morita is considered "inferior" compared to the much less common ahumado, or tipico, it is still a delicious and useful product.

​Read MORE AND GET MANY RECIPES ONLINE! Taste and Aroma: Full flavored, hot and slightly sweet.Uses: Southwestern

cooking, salsa, rice, meat, beans, nachos and sauces.

Substitutes: Habanero Chile Peppers,Guajillo Chile Peppers, Arbol
Chile Peppers,Smoked Serrano Chile Peppers, Chipotle Pepper Flakes,
Chipotle Pepper Ground orChipotle Brown Chile Peppers

Fun Fact: The Morita Chile Pepper is extremely versatile, making it the
most common Chipotle Pepper in the United States. 

​Health Values: 
-May improve digestion by stimulating secretions in the stomach
-May help reduce high blood pressure
-May help reduce high cholesterol
-May help clear a stuffed nose by irritating the mucus membranes
​-May help protect against some types of cancer