Shower and Bath Gel:

De!icious!  In any one of our Lotion Frangrances.

Liquid relaxation in a bottle!  Our moisturizing formula can

be used also as a bubble bath!  

Super cleansing without harsh chemicals. Naturally!

Gentle enough for babies and children!

8 oz. $10  USD

All Natural Delights for the

Body, Mind and Spirit

Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas

Baja BODY deli located on Hidalgo St., Downtown Cabo San Lucas. 624-122-2690

See us at the San Jose Organic Market, Saturdays 9AM to 3PM between Nov. 1 until May every year


Hair Care Products:   Available in any of our Lotion Fragrances!

Rejuvenating Conditioner:


Tangles?  Sun or sea damage?

Our rich conditioner is wonderful for de-tangling, and rejuvenating hair...even sun and color damaged hair!

Use daily, weekly until your hair has reached a new level of healtiness...then use as needed.

8 oz. $10  USD

Organic and Wildcrafted Herbs and Spices

We have the most complete selection of herbs and spices on the Baja, including certified organic and wildcrafted.  Fabulous local organics and imported from all over the world!

For Cooks, chefs and homopathic use..

Reconstructive Shampoo:

No waxes!

Maintains hair's healthy balance. Designed for deep cleaning while repairing and moisturizing. Made with ingredients that nourish your hair, giving you the healthy, shiny, smooth-looking hair you desire.

A little goes a long way. Continued use of our shampoo can elininate the need for Conditioner on a daily basis!

8 oz. $10 USD