Whole fresh or dried or powdered


Mexico, Jalisco

Active Ingredients

Capsicin, carotenoids, flavonoids, volatile oils, steroidal saponins
A red smooth-skinned chile used extensively in Jalisco. Sometimes chilacate is a name used for New Mexico chiles. Use this chile for a simple chilaquiles sauce.  

​The Mexican name for long red New Mexican chili.  Its also called chili del norte, chili colorado, chili largo colorado, and chili magdalena.        

Chilacate is a dried chile used in Jalisco and Colima, and it is broader than the pasilla chili. Also, the color is not as dark (it's more


​ like the color of raisins), it has a slightly sweet hearty taste, and it's
sometimes mild, but it can also be fairly hot Chilaquiles.

The Chilacate chili is an Anaheim Chili. The anaheim is a bright, green
chile that averages in size from 7 – 10" long, and 1 – 2" diameter. It is
​medium to thick fleshed and has a green vegetable flavor that is improved
by roasting. It measures 1,000 – 1,500 heat units on Scoville scale. 

​It used used commonly as chile rellenos and in soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, and ornamentally (ie. chile ristras). 

​                                              Chiliquiles               

Chilicate Chili - Mexico

​​Capsicum annuum 

Part of Plant Used

Fruit, seeds